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Sri Lanka is an amazing country with so much to see and do. From the ancient cities of the north, the tea hills and waterfalls of Ella, the unexplored regions of the north and east, the cave paintings of Sigriya, the holy site of Adam's Peak, to the wild coastline of the east, the Sinharaja rainforest, Yala National Park and the many important temples, Sri Lanka really has it all. In our region alone, you can visit the beautiful fort town of Galle, visit the snake farm and meet the famous venom expert, visit temples and paddy fields, go whale watching, visit the spice gardens, have a cooking lesson to learn how to make authentic Sri Lankan curry, take a boat down the river, go on a traditional fishing boat, take a day trip to Yala and Sinharaja, go by train for a fun way to see the area and many more things! We can help you with local and national tours. 

As a local family business, born out of the tsunami and the friendships we made, we always take some of our profits and give back to the community. From building new playgrounds to making sure orphans are clothed and can afford to go to school, your stay helps others-thank you. If you want to go that step further, and get involved, we can help you.

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